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Sean is an energetic, engaging and genuine speaker. His inspirational message is bolstered by his personal story and experience in the classroom, and centered on the powerful opportunity teachers have to help students reach peak performance, love learning and launch great lives. Sean is happy to work with your organization to customize a moving message for your audience. 


A sampling of support from organizers and attendees: "We were truly honored to have you speak [...] your story and message were both moving and profound..."


"This past week I expereienced the lowest point of my 20 year teaching career. I even asked myself, "Is it worth it?" Your words reminded me that "Yes" it is. Thank you."


"We have received so many positive comments about your presentation – we really think that people left the conference determined to make changes in their classrooms, buildings and districts."


"What a dynamic speaker! I truly felt energized after hearing him talk! I felt ready to go meet the needs of my new kiddos."


Building Complexity to Foster Critical Thinking

In an era when we are inundated with information and messaging and marketing are big business, how do we equip students to weigh evidence, tease out bias, synthesize divergent information and collaborate to reach judicious conclusions? In this workshop Sean presents strategies to equip students for this important lifelong skill.


The Decisive Element:

Defining Your Ability to Be the Difference

Teachers have an incredible opportunity to help students launch their lives. In this workshop Sean explores three pillars to this work: Energizing students to learn and grow, equipping students with holistic skills for success, and cultivating our own best teacher-self to support students.


Additional workshop options also available.

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When possible, Sean continues to look to inspire educators to bring the best out of themselves, their students and each other.


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